Top Notch Clocks

No time… no excuse. Hand crafted wooden clocks 2016


Canada Post Shoe Box

Simultaneously helping you to tidy up and reduce your international shipping fees.


Super Mario Bros. Coffee Table

When you make a Christmas gift for your wife but realize the gift is actually for you. Wood and Acrylic. 2018


Light Box

Inspirational Light Box with removable celluloid messages. Inspired by Tom and Dave Kelly - IDEO 2019


RCAF Aviation Roundel Paddles

Hand carved poplar canoe paddles inspired by the Royal Canadian Air Force. Poplar Wood and stain 2011-2012


Saskatchewan Coffee Table

Saskatchewan is the easiest Canadian province to make into a coffee table. Red Hardwood 2016


Geometric Chess, I guess.

The pieces of this chess board have been designed to intricately fit together. The pieces can be stored in a compartment found underneath the chess board.


Historical baseball bats


Sustainable Toys

Sustainability means being able to meet our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. All custom toys are made with reclaimed wood and lead free paint. You can even throw them against the wall because they are built to last.



A Longboard for long a Sunday afternoon cruise. Maple Plywood, resign, vinyl, 2012


Cutting Board

Never made anything from a single piece of wood before? Start with a cutting board. Then make breakfast in bed for someone you love.


Canadian Crokinole

The best alternative to television. Hand crafted crokinole board made from Canadian maple.


Great Lakes Coffee Table

Can you name the 5 great lakes? Laminated wood and acrylic 2013


Custom Beer Pulls

Pour the perfect pint. Thai redwood with maple insert.