The Blue Goose

I found this 1980 air-cooled Westfalia Vanagon in a farmer's field in Elora, Ontario.  It was a rust bucket but it had low mileage and I imagined restoring it and driving it across Canada.  With help from many different mechanics, I stripped it down and rebuilt it from the ground up.  It took just over 7 months and cost me more, in dollars and sanity, than I anticipated. The Blue Goose looked great in the end and if I had the chance to do it all over again…I wouldn't. 


Grandpa Ken

Digital Photo Restoration 2017


Shoe Shine

Don’t toss em… clean em. 2016


Basketball net, Phuket Thailand

As it turns out, invisible basketball is not that much fun.  With help from some friends, we rebuilt the backboard for a local Thai language school.