Seoul Subway Sleepers

The Seoul subway system is incredible. Extensive, efficient, clean and cheap. Approximately 5 million people take the subway everyday and many of them use their commuting time to nap. Dozing off, if only momentarily, these sleepers take a break from the chaos of the megacity. These sketches of real subway sleepers capture that moment when they're open and vulnerable in public. 

Pen and Ink. 2012-2016


Bum bum bum bum bum

Nice bum where you from? Charcoal and conte on craft paper. 2017


Gender Neutral

Break out the vintage 3D glasses for this one. Anaglyph Illustration 2018


The art of being subtle

I drew some lines on a page and tried not to let them touch. After awhile, they started moving on their own. Ink on paper 2018



Excerpts from various sketchbooks - 2010 - present


Porcupine stills

Animated Music Video for The Phonemes. Charcoal on Newsprint 2006-2007