Close Up Volume I

Close Up is a collection of portraits inspired by encounters with people around the world who warrant that sacred second take.

Each portrait tells a different story. The common denominator is a strong sense-of-self and genuine personal style.

Close Up Volume II.

Special thanks to all of the beautiful people who have agreed to stop, pose and share a smile.


Little Black Book

Where I hide my secrets.


Advice from a Sheep

Available in the shop soon.


ULOU: The Universal Language of Understanding

The vast majority of health care facilities use linguistic based signs to help visitors navigate around their facilities.  This is a problem as linguistic based signs are exclusive and are only effective for individual who can read the language presented. Using symbols to communicate messages can be much more effective than linguistic based signs because symbols have the unique ability to transcend language.

Research question:  Is it possible to design a symbol that can cross cultural boundaries and be universally understood?  

The ULOU project is creating a set of “universal” health care symbols that can be used to help a greater number of people navigate around health care facilities independently. The end goal is to lighten the burden on health care staff and reduce patient anxiety for first time hospital visitors globally.

Click here to view the research:  ULOU PDF