Dan Mangan: Jeopardy

Inspired by a Canadian road trip from coast to coast. Stop Motion - Craft paper, Pastel, watercolour. 2012


You melt my heart

Time lapse animation for CBC Arts:


Vowels of the Princess Bride

You’re a decent fellow. Stop Motion Animation 2016.


Strobe Animation

Come fly with me… fly with me. Strobe light animation 2016


You got what I need

Stop motion animation using found objects. 2016


Love is Louder

244 charcoal hand drawings on newsprint - Remastered 2018


Get out of the office

Toronto Blue Jays commercial. 2015


Analog Love

A throw back to the days of analog. Love you.


Handsom hand puppets

Hand puppets and silhouettes on a light box. 2018